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Human-Centered Design

Employing human-centered design methodologies, we partner with clients to resolve their most complex challenges, developing creative storytelling, strategic communications, innovative experiences, and digital tools grounded in a deep understanding of real human needs and goals.

Our interdisciplinary team is made up of designers, behavioral scientists, and technologists working in the worlds of healthcare, human rights, education, business, government, and more.

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Learning From Your Customers

We use qualitative and quantitative research techniques from the behavioral and social sciences to uncover opportunities where design thinking can solve complex challenges. We spend time with your customers, clients, and employees to understand what they need to succeed so that you succeed. This adds value by eliminating guesswork and providing the evidence base upon which to make the best strategic and creative decisions.

Designing Experiences for Impact

Stemming from a newfound understanding of nuanced human needs, we collaborate with you to design solutions and prototypes: digital, process, policy, and more. For this, we use mapping, diagramming, modeling, and other forms of generative design. In this way, we build a clear understanding of the experiences and interactions that are critical for your relationships with your audiences, users, and communities.

Breaking New Innovative Ground

Our team works with you and your customers to understand their journeys, how they interact with your organization and its services, and, importantly, what’s missing. We help illuminate opportunities for data-driven innovation to bridge to new markets, improved health outcomes, and better returns on investment.

Telling Stories That Matter

Enabling positive behaviors and activating culture change requires storytelling that is authentic and resonant with the needs, motivations, and perceptions of real people. This is why we first engage in deep listening and analysis. From this, we create stories that move people to action and inspire transformation. We have a long and storied track record of partnering with clients who seek to impact human and civil rights, health, and growth.