Digital Products

Wondros specializes in building digital tools to drive change, translating complex systems into intuitive, narrative-focused platforms, experiences, and insights.

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User Experience Design

Wondros excels at connecting business and societal goals to users’ needs through a process of analysis, testing and refinement. We define tiers of engagement, build content models and map experiences to understand the unique needs of the program and user.

Analytics, Data Visualization & Insights

Wondros specializes in building and consolidating data streams to power streamlined, contextualized analytics and visualizations. Our data solutions allow for comprehensive evaluation of real-time performance, paired with bespoke insights to aid decision-making and provide tangible tools to achieve program goals and objectives.

Wondros Learning Network

A unique pairing of analytics and editorialized, date-driven insights, this powerful platform allows for comprehensive evaluation of real-time performance within complex communications and data ecosystems. The platform succinctly visualizes data narratives and user journeys, highlighting areas of success, as well as opportunity. The Wondros team uses sophisticated data modeling to produce bespoke insights to aid decision-making to drive change. 

Wondros Clinical Trials Finder

This HIPAA-compliant tool allows users to set their own criteria to search for relevant trials across a variety of diseases and afflictions. Users may choose to be contacted if new studies become available matching their needs or interest. The platform offers paths for both patients and clinicians, allowing for fast, meaningful connection. 

Wondros Care Navigator

The Wondros Care Navigator curates and presents information in clear, concise language through in-depth analysis and editorialization of only the most trusted data sources. Intuitive navigation allows users to quickly find relevant content for their specific needs.

Wondros Curator

This data visualization tool transforms complex analytics into clear, concise, and actionable interactive graphics. Users may set their own criteria for customized data visualizations to aid research, outreach, curiosity and understanding. The tool allows even non-technical users to convert complex data into meaningful, actionable results.