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Digital Products

Wondros specializes in building digital tools to drive change, translating complex systems into intuitive, narrative-focused platforms, experiences, and insights.

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User Experience Design

Wondros excels at connecting business and societal goals to users’ needs through a process of analysis, testing and refinement. We define tiers of engagement, build content models and map experiences to understand the unique needs of the program and user.

Analytics, Data Visualization & Insights

Wondros specializes in building and consolidating data streams to power streamlined, contextualized analytics and visualizations. Our data solutions allow for comprehensive evaluation of real-time performance, paired with bespoke insights to aid decision-making and provide tangible tools to achieve program goals and objectives.

Wondros Health Clinical Trials Guide

Wondros Health Clinical Trials Guide makes it easier to learn about clinical trials with our patient-centric guides and makes it faster for patients to get the most relevant trial information via our AI-powered smart search technology. We empower patients through more accessible and engaging trial content provided by trial managers that use our platform to clearly communicate the key aspects of their studies.

Wondros Health Clinical Trials Guide makes it easier for researchers and participants to come together to accelerate health breakthroughs and help people in need.


Wondros Learning Network

Wondros has designed an initial prototype of the Learning Network to help support outreach and engagement efforts to build awareness of, and participation in, health research. The prototype contains an Asset Portal and Insights Dashboard to provide branded and approved assets plus analytics and insights on campaign and outreach usage and performance. The interface design allows the user to easily navigate to the resources available in the Insights Dashboard and Asset Portal where they can explore and customize assets.

Wondros Care Navigator

The Wondros Care Navigator curates and presents information in clear, concise language through in-depth analysis and editorialization of only the most trusted data sources. Intuitive navigation allows users to quickly find relevant content for their specific needs.

Wondros Curator

This data visualization tool transforms complex analytics into clear, concise, and actionable interactive graphics. Users may set their own criteria for customized data visualizations to aid research, outreach, curiosity and understanding. The tool allows even non-technical users to convert complex data into meaningful, actionable results.


Snowcrash is a premier digital token and creative platform that empowers artists and brands to unlock the creative and economic potential of NFTs through technological, creative, marketing, financial and security advantages.

Snowcrash uses the Solana blockchain to sell and auction offerings on the Snowcrash platform. Wondros provides creative and production studio services.

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