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Creative Storytelling

Whether launching a new brand, propelling a movement, or changing audience perspective on a well-established company, our stories invite the public to connect with your mission and share in your vision.

Every member of your community can be an ambassador for your brand story.

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Brand Identity & Narrative

Your brand has a unique story. We help you tell it. From video, to digital, to paid-media, we make sure that every piece of your brand that enters the world serves as a compelling chapter that builds awareness and affinity with your audience.

Episodic Content

Sometimes a story is too important to tell in one short video. Episodic videos can be appreciated as stand-alone content, but are designed to be consumed cumulatively as part of one overarching message that builds as your audience grows.

Master Narrative Film

Wondros specializes in creating a brand anthem film, The Master Narrative, that distills your organization’s core identity, values, mission and vision for the future into a compelling, human story. This short film connects with your core audience. It’s highly relatable and fosters a deep and lasting relationship with your brand.

Instant Impact Films

Instant Impacts are short, snackable, attention-grabbing bites. These films are typically 30-60 seconds, produced swiftly, and often include a combination of live action, infographics, motion graphics, animation or archival footage. Instant Impacts further your brand’s mission, communicate a powerful CTA, and grow your brand’s presence across digital platforms and social channels.