EP 20: Crafting Heros

44:56 – Dec 18, 2019
How Tim King turned everyday stories into heroic journeys. In this episode of Jesse’s Office, we’re featuring screenwriter and producter Tim King. Time created the TV shows #Heros and #Treadstone and helped shape the way we consume sci-fi on television.

EP 19: Confessions of a Teenage Poet

44:15 – Dec 11, 2019
This week on Jesse’s Office, poet Walter Finnie discusses his journey growing up in Watts to performing at Barack Obama ’s White House, falling in love with lyricism and poetry, becoming a star of Get Lit Players and consulting for the Netflix hit show On My Block.

EP 18: Secrets of a Session Drummer

1:02:44 — Dec 4, 2019
In this episode of Jesse’s Office, we sit down with Jim Keltner, a legendary drummer who has worked with music icons like John Lennon and Bob Dylan. Jim shares stories about what it was like to help record some of the greatest songs of all time and explains how to stay cool when performing alongside legends.

EP 17: Changing the World in Three Chords or Less

45:35 — Nov 20, 2019
On this episode of #JessesOffice we’re talking to Linda Ramone about coming of age during the New York Glitter Rock scene, her late husband Johnny Ramone, the secret worlds of Club 82 and CBGB’s, and how style has (or hasn’t) evolved in the last 40 years.

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