Everfi / Charles Barkley

How do you translate history into culturally resonant narratives to foster greater learning?

NBA legend Charles Barkley, through his company Round Mound Media, and EverFi, a leading online curriculum platform, turned to Wondros to develop and produce a docu-series called Dreams.

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Dreams embodies storytelling dedicated to serving the community, bringing to life and examining iconic moments, figures, and landmarks in African American history.


We started by uncovering the buried history of unsung heroes from slavery through the civil rights movement in the Mississippi Delta region. Leveraging Barkley’s ties to Alabama, we conducted historical research to inform the series’ creative development and do justice to the significance of the task at hand.

The project, part of EverFi’s “306” course, resulted in four narrative-based episodes filmed at historic locations, featuring a brilliant young group of local, diverse Alabama high school students unearthing vital pieces of African American history in an entirely new light.


We developed fresh, digital-first educational content that empowers young people to reflect on their identity and culture through the lens of history. A survey distributed to students who took the “306” course revealed that they were more likely to vote and help solve problems in their community as a result of their engagement.

Following this project, Round Mound Media continues to partner with Wondros to create content that serves the African American community.