Bank of America

What does responsible growth mean to a bank?

In the years following the 2008 financial crisis, Bank of America’s leadership sought to reexamine its understanding of risk, community responsibility, and the purpose of a bank.

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Bank of America enlisted Wondros to help translate their insights into strategic communications that would resonate with thousands of its employees in communities all around the country and globally.


Wondros developed interview and narrative-based content to strategically position thought leadership at Bank of America, which is primarily focused on the value that the bank contributes to society and its role in supporting our economy.

Wondros has worked with the leadership team, including CEO and Chairman, Brian Moynihan, for more than five years. As such, we have developed a deep understanding of, and appreciation for, the organization’s values of responsible growth and commitment to the communities they serve.

We distilled, defined, and translated these values to make them accessible for key stakeholders, informing both bank-wide and public-facing messaging on servicing clients, managing risk appetite, and supporting societal issues like climate change, gender parity, and housing.


Wondros helped Bank of America more effectively lead from a position of influence by creating content that speaks to making people’s financial decisions easier and bringing communities together.

This campaign helped Bank of America articulate its values outside of traditional banking post- global recession and clearly communicate the company’s responsibilities to the communities it serves.