Wondros Helping to Design New Learning Health Network for Bipolar Disorder2023-06-22T16:20:35+00:00

Wondros Helping to Design New Learning Health Network for Bipolar Disorder


Los Angeles, California—Wondros has recently been awarded a contract to help design and develop a novel Learning Health Network for bipolar disorder (BDLHN). For this, Wondros will be working with the James M. Anderson Center for Health Systems Excellence at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, the Dauten Family Center for Bipolar Treatment Innovation at Massachusetts General Hospital, and others. 

Learning Health Networks, first pioneered in 2007 at Cincinnati Children’s, are communities comprised of patients, families, clinicians, and researchers, all collaborating to share data and knowledge so that people can more quickly find answers and make better decisions to help improve health. They make it easier to collaborate at scale to improve outcomes. 

“We are really proud and honored to be working with our longtime partners at Cincinnati Children’s, as well as new partners, in this mission to make treatment for bipolar better for patients, family members, caregivers, researchers, and care providers. It’s time for real innovation.”

– Amber Schleuning, Wondros Chief Design Officer

For this multiyear effort, and as part of a participatory design process to build empathy with all stakeholders, Wondros will be participating in a series of design workshops. Wondros will also help develop design principles and frameworks for the BDLHN, design ways of interacting and the user experience, and design and develop digital prototypes that will bring the learning health network to life. Wondros will also create the branding and communications strategy to generate awareness of the learning health network.



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