Wondros Elevates Song for Charlie’s Online Presence to Introduce New Initiative2024-02-05T18:21:30+00:00

Wondros Elevates Song for Charlie’s Online Presence to Introduce New Initiative

TLDR: Wondros executed a major web redesign and produced a long-form documentary for Song for Charlie, a nonprofit dedicated to raising awareness about the dangers of “fentapills” (fake pills made of fentanyl).

Services Provided: Web design, film production, media strategy, measurement and analytics.

In collaboration with Song for Charlie, a national, family-run, nonprofit dedicated to raising awareness about the dangers of “fentapills” (fake pills made of fentanyl), Wondros undertook a full redesign of their website to support the expanding reach of the organization’s initiatives, now spanning nationally across multiple states. The goal was to enhance their online presence and increase impact.

A key challenge in redesigning the website was structuring the information to make it easy to find and understand from a variety of audience perspectives. Our digital team started by evaluating the existing website’s performance in order to build a new site structure that would emphasize impactful areas while streamlining less relevant content.

Song For Charlie’s idea of a free online course for parents, The New Drug Talk, took center stage. The course, developed in partnership with the California Department of Health Care Services (CA-DHCS), equips parents with essential knowledge about the dangers of fentanyl and how to protect their children. We extended this initiative by creating two sister sites—Song For Charlie and The New Drug Talk microsite—designed for easy sharing across different regions.

To support The New Drug Talk initiative, Wondros developed and produced a long-form documentary targeting adults concerned about protecting young people from the dangers of fentanyl. The documentary features in-depth interviews with individuals affected by and working to address the crisis, from medical professionals, including emergency responders, to fentanyl overdose survivors. These powerful testimonials are woven together to provide a synoptic view of the crisis and our way through it, all while underscoring the vital importance of addressing mental health problems among the country’s youth and centering non-judgmental conversations about substance use.

To date, our efforts have yielded 1.1 million monthly impressions on social media platforms, effectively reaching and engaging new audiences and driving an average of 23.7K monthly visitors to the Song for Charlie website. 

Our strategic coordination with press releases, community partnerships, media activities, and email campaigns has further bolstered outreach efforts and achieved sustained interest and engagement across both English and Spanish content on the website.

The New Drug Talk has garnered national recognition on prominent news networks such as NBC News Daily, Los Angeles Times, Fox News, and NPR. 

The video content we produced has also been recognized with a Silver Honor in the Youth & Family category at the recent Shorty Impact Awards.

For more about our long-standing collaboration with Song for Charlie, see our previous post from 2020.



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