Wondros Designs New Website for Research Study on Alzheimer’s Disease and Down Syndrome2023-09-05T21:56:27+00:00

Wondros Designs New Website for Research Study on Alzheimer’s Disease and Down Syndrome

In collaboration with the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry, Wondros has designed the newly-launched ABC-DS.org, a dynamic, user-friendly website that caters to patients, potential participants, and researchers for a national, longitudinal study called Alzheimer Biomarkers Consortium-Down syndrome (ABC-DS).

ABC-DS is a five-year, multi-site research project that aims to spot the early signs of Alzheimer’s in adults with Down syndrome by following a group of adult volunteers with Down syndrome to find signs and risks of Alzheimer’s. As part of the study, researchers gather data through brain scans, blood tests, and cognitive exams that look at how people with Down syndrome think.

They aim to trace the journey from healthy aging to mild memory problems, and finally, to Alzheimer’s—working to uncover hidden links that give us a fighting chance against Alzheimer’s disease.

To ensure that the design of the new website was aligned with the needs and goals of end users, Wondros conducted design research interviews with study researchers and current participants. Insights from the interviews were instrumental in shaping the UX/UI and content of the site. 

The site offers educational resources and updates about the study. It also provides information to outside researchers on how to gain access to study data in order to further other research that helps advance our understanding of Alzheimer’s and Down syndrome.



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